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QUAM’07 Quadis Autocentre Maresme 5th Anniversary
Cabrera de Mar

Quadis Autocentre Maresme’s 5th anniversary celebration. More than 6400 people enjoyed a weekend full of activities for the whole family. The aim was to create an atmosphere that inspired proximity, making the Autocentre seem closer to the region in which it is located. For that purpose a fair was organized in which producers offered their natural, handmade typical products to interested visitors. Moreover, there were concerts offered by the Col·lectiu de Músics del Maresme. The culminating event of the weekend was the concert by the well-known group Danza Invisible.
Obviously, cars had to be present in an event of these characteristics. There was a Premium car exhibition (Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, Aston Martin, Bentley…) which was admired by everyone. An unforgettable weekend for all of us.

  QUAM’07 Quadis Autocentre Maresme 5th Anniversary
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