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ArcelorMittal Gala dinner

Our client’s needs made us think of an innovative effect and in every detail that could guarantee a success and a differentiated product, offering, in first place, a guided tour through Gothic Barcelona. Later, the attendees were taken to dinner on VIP buses. The chosen venue was the emblematic building of La Llotja of Barcelona, with its famous “Sala de Contractacions”, its impressive height, vaults, wooden ceilings and impressive columns, which offered us a magical, special environment. Two Spanish guitars and a percussion box brightened up the appetizer the audience enjoyed before sitting for dinner. Guests were delighted by an excellent catering service provided by Botafumeiro .A live cello gave rhythm to a flying dance performance with tango features, an elegant and innovative entertainment, which was the perfect end for a closing dinner which fulfilled our clients’ expectations.

  ArcelorMittal Gala dinner
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